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Grade 4 - Social Studies: Political & Physical Regions of Canada

Series: Our Canada - It's Geographic Regions
Grades: 3-8    Time: 7 videos, 18 mins.

The Our Canada Series provides students with an overview of Canada - our geography, population, settlement pattern, industry, resources, vegetation, and climate.

Inquiry Process

  • What impact can the natural environment of different regions have on human activities?
  • What impact can human activities have on the natural environment?
  • How do we find the balance between environmental stewardship and human needs/wants?
  • Why is it important to consider the long-term impact of human activities?
  • What makes a region a region?
The Ontario Curriculum, 2013 (revised)
Social Studies, Grades 1-6;
History and Geography, Grades 7-8
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Canada Map

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Canada Close Up
Topics Include: natural resources, weather, government, animals and natural wonders.


Canadian Geographic Regions
Topics Include: The Appalachian, The Interior Plains, The Canadian Shield, The St. Lawrence Lowlands, The North, and The Great Lakes.

For more titles or to see what's available at your locationplease search the catalogue or ask your school's Learning Commons staff.

Search words for the catalogue:
Canada + geography/ politics and government/ environment/ industries/ natural resources/ landforms/ vegetation/ climate/ forestry/ fishing/ mining/ logging/ shipping/ agriculture/ tourism/ population/ provinces/ territories/ municipalities/ First Nations + reserves/ capital cities; maps; map reading; cardinal directions.​

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