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St. Mary's Learning Commons: Science

Works Cited Help

More information available on the Research Help page

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bibme citations (APA, MLA, Chicago) Citation Maker (MLA & APA) 

Grade 9 Science

Pick your assignment from the tabs

List of species at risk

Species at Risk public registry (SAR)


Recommended databases (need passwords)

Books are on a cart in the library 

List of endangered animal species online (World Wildlife Federation)

List of some endangered plant species (US Botanic Garden)

Find more information using the Britannica link below:

Basic information


It's Elemental (Jefferson Lab): information and games

Use link at top for EasyBib to get your works cited info for this website and others you use


More advanced information

Chemical Elements (e-book): need password

Web Elements (Prof.Winter @ University of Sheffield) : use the links on the right to find information

Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table 

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Grade 10 Science



APA Citations

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Grade 11 Biology

Use the books or these websites to find examples of animals/plants and their adaptations:

BBC Nature Adaptations: Animal and plant adaptations


After you have chosen an animal/plant, use these databases to search for the animal/plant by name. Look for words like "adapt", "modify", etc. to find information about their adaptations. 

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Gr 12 Earth & Space Science

See General Science resources in box below

Databases (need password)

Science in Context (topics for astronomy)

  • Use 2-3 basic search words and then narrow the results using "Search within results" on the right side
  • Start with Reference section and then update with News and Academic Journals sections
  • Use Ctrl+F to find words within an article
  • Articles often include "further reading" or links to other good sources


Recommended Websites

CrashCourse Astronomy: videos explaining astronomy. Written and hosted by Phil Plait, an astronomer and educator, in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. 

NASA space news, run by journalists and astronauts

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General Science Resources

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