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St. Mary's Learning Commons: Model United Nations

Research Sources

Organize yourself before you start! Get a binder or make a folder on your Google Drive for Model UN. Then make subfolders or dividers for the different things you'll be researching - topic, country, UN, solutions & past action. This makes it easy to find information and to see what you know and what you don't yet know. SAMPLE

Profile (geography, populations, culture, politics, economy)

  1. Questions to answer
  2. Find the OFFICIAL website for the country
  3. Country Profile and Policy Map: use MAP to find country - includes links to country's official website, CIA World Factbook and IMUNA Country Profiles  



  1. Country Profile and Policy Map: use MAP to choose country, then look for policy statements and information in the links for the official website, speeches at the UN, and the UN Permanent Mission


Past actions

  1. Signature/Ratification Status for Each Country of Important Conventions and Treaties
  2. Find the country's UN Permanent Mission website
  3. UN Official Documents System Search: use the advanced search to search for your country and/or topic; narrow results on the left


Speeches by the country at the UN

  1. UN Member States On the Record
  2. Find Meeting Records & Speeches (UN Library)
  3. UN News Centre


Resolutions sponsored by country

  1. UN Member States On the Record
  2. Tips on finding resolutions (by any country) 


Voting records

  1. How to Find Voting Records
    • ‚Äčrefers to UNBISnet: use advanced search and search for topic and country
  2. Voting records by Body (e.g. Security Council, General Assembly, etc): choose "By Body" on left, then choose "Voting Information" on the left
  3. UN Official Documents System Search: best if you know the number or number of the resolution you are interested in; use the advanced search

When considering solutions, you should see what has been done already (e.g. actions, treaties, resolutions) by the UN and other international organizations

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Model UN Procedures

Speeches & Resolutions


Resolutions (see left toolbar in this link too)

How to write a Resolution

Past UN Resolutions: go to advanced search and search for a topic

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