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WCDSB VLC: OverDrive

Introducing Sora

Sora is the new way to access OverDrive's free ebooks and audiobooks from your school.

1. To access the Sora app

2. Open Sora and find your school (Waterloo Catholic District School Board).

3. Sign in with the following:

Usernameschool ID # Student # for students, staff # for staff. It's the same as your library borrower ID.
Password: your birthday in MMDDYYYY format

4. Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. Your book will open and you can start reading right away.

5. Close the book and go to your Shelfto see all your books (including assignments). From there, you can:

  • Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book.
  • Options to renew or return the book, get to your notes and highlights, and more.

Questions? Visit

Please note: to access Young Adult content and some professional resources, you need to access via the original OverDrive website/app, since the student app limits results to elementary-level items.

About OverDrive

What is OverDrive?
  • Online access to eBooks and audiobooks
  • Available 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • No overdues or fines
What do I need to use OverDrive?
  • A computer or mobile device with an Internet or WiFi connection
  • Your login details:
    Usernameschool ID # Student # for students, staff # for staff. It's the same as your library borrower ID.
    Password: your birthday in MMDDYYYY format
  • Free software/app and/or compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & IE10 or better)
Where do I go to access OverDrive?
  • Click on the OverDrive logo on this page, or in the popular links lists at
    he top of most VLC pages
  • Find in the E-Z Find list of digital resources
  • Visit directly at
  • Coming soon: through your school catalogue

Using the Collection

1. Read/Listen Instantly in Your Browser

Go to the WCDSB's OverDrive Website.

In Browser
For more help, visit OverDrive Read for eBooks or OverDrive Listen for audiobooks.


2. Download Your eBook/Audiobook to a Computer or Portable Device

PLEASE NOTEDownloading eBooks or audiobooks requires a personal device (tablet, iPad, smartphone, etc.) or an administration computer. They cannot be downloaded to WCDSB school computers/laptops at this time.

Visit OverDrive’s Getting Started website, and choose your device/operating system for detailed instructions on downloading to a computer or portable device. When using OverDrive for the first time, you will need to install free OverDrive app/software to save titles to your device.

Compatible Devices

Visit the listing of Devices and Platforms for detailed information on products compatible with OverDrive. These include:

eBooks Audiobooks

Computers (desktops and laptops)

Portable devices with WiFi (tablets and smartphones)


Computers (desktops and laptops)

MP3 players, iPod Classics/Nanos/iPhones


Account Options 


You can sign into your account to find the following information: 

Bookshelf: lists titles you have checked out, and displays links for reading/listening to in the browser or for downloading titles currently checked out to you.

Holds: Displays titles you are currently on the waiting list for.

Lists: Displays titles you have added to your Wish List to read at a later time.

My Account: Displays the number of titles you have checked out and the number of checkouts you have remaining.


  • Get assistance by clicking on the Help icon in OverDrive or go to
  • Talk to your location’s learning commons staff or contact Shelley Wood at The Learning Commons, CEC.



Want to improve your OverDrive skills? OverDrive offers great training materials for:

Exporting Notes from OverDrive

Staff and students can export notes and highlights created in OverDrive Read titles for offline use.

  • On the History & notes page (under Account), select Notes & highlights for a title. Choose the Export option at the top of the next page to download in one of the available options.

Notes Export

  • Notes and highlights can be exported to Google Drive, PDF, or CSV, or copy to the clipboard. Options available depend on browser compatibility.
  • The following information is included when exporting notes and highlights:
    • Title, author, and series (when applicable)
    • Cover image (not available for CSV)
    • Checkout date and time
    • Total number of checkouts for the title
    • Reading information, such as how many times the book was opened, the number of pages turned, and amount of reading time​
    • Notes, highlights, and highlight colors​
    • The date and time each note or highlight was made
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