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WCDSB VLC: Sora by OverDrive



Access free eBooks and eAudiobooks from your school with Sora.

Using Sora

1. To access the Sora app

2. Open Sora and find your school (Waterloo Catholic District School Board).

3. Sign in with the following:

Usernameschool ID # Student # for students, staff # for staff. It's the same as your library borrower ID.
Password: your birthday in MMDDYYYY format

If you are new to the WCDSB, or are an LTO or supply staff and you are unable to sign in with the above details, please email to get your account set up.

4. Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. Your book will open and you can start reading right away.

5. Close the book and go to your Shelfto see all your books (including assignments). From there, you can:

  • Open Book or Open Audiobook to read or listen to the book.
  • Options to renew or return the book, get to your notes and highlights, and more.

Questions? Visit

Account Options

Home: Displays your assignments, loans, recently defined words, recent notes and highlights, book suggestions based on books you've previously read in Sora.

Explore: Browser curated collections and search by title, author, and keyword.

Last Read Window Bubble: Shows the cover image of the last book you've read; click here to resume.

Shelf: The place to find your loans, holds, lists, and your Sora activity.

Me: Lists your personal reading statistics, and achievements.


Sora Account Options

Compatible Devices

Visit Devices for detailed information on products compatible with Sora by OverDrive. These include:

eBooks Audiobooks

Computers (desktops and laptops)

Portable devices with WiFi (tablets and smartphones)


Computers (desktops and laptops)

MP3 players, iPod Classics/Nanos/iPhones


Making Notes and Highlights


In an eBook

  • Click (or tap) and hold a word, then select Highlight. To select more than one word, hold and drag.

  • After you highlight one or more words, you can add a note.


Account Options

  • Select bookmark icon to make a bookmark. To highlight a section, click (or tap) and hold bookmark icon.
  • After you make a bookmark or highlight, you can add a note.

Visit Sora's Marketing and Outreach website for handouts, printouts, posters and other materials to connect staff and students to Sora.


  • Talk to your location’s learning commons staff or contact Shelley Wood at The Learning Commons, CEC.



Staff: want to improve your Sora skills? OverDrive offers great Staff training resources.

If there is a book you would like to read that you can't find in Sora please contact, Library Services Supervisor, to make a suggestion for purchase. Availability depends on the book; not all books are available as eBooks or eAudiobooks.

Educators may also request class sets of an eBook for their students. Please contact to see if this is possible.