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Accessing Password-Protected Links from Home: 

Many WCDSB digital resources are password-protected to honour Terms of Usage agreements with our vendors.

For login details to access password-protected VLC links from home, open the following document and log in with your WCDSB Google account:

VLC EZ Find Access from Home

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Orange Shirt Day
Taking Care of Ourselves Digital Books on Sora
Back to School Digital Books
New Staff Resources on the VLC

For help, visit our Sora by OverDrive Guide.

 Video of the Week

Social Distancing

Let's Talk About Social Distancing

Grades: Grade 3-5        Time: 5 minutes

Mazzarella Media

Viewers will learn that social distancing is a way to put space between people and reduce the possibility of passing on viruses and bacteria from one person to another. Children will learn that even though they can’t be together physically, they can still be social, just in different ways. The video encourages kids to take advantage of social media and video apps to support each other, play together, and take care of each other until the social distancing rules and no longer necessary.

If using Learn360 outside of a WCDSB building, this video must be shared by a staff person 
to D2L or Google Classroom for students to view.
Staff can obtain Learn360 passwords from their school's library staff.