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Accessing Password-Protected Links from Home: 

Many WCDSB digital resources are password-protected to honour Terms of Usage agreements with our vendors.

For login details to access password-protected VLC links from home, open the following document and log in with your WCDSB Google account:

Access to Online Resources from Home/Remotely

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Summer Fun. Check out the Summer Fun page for fun things to do this summer!
Sora Sweet Reads. Always available ebooks and audiobooks May 13-August 26. Sora where students read
Check out the Virtual Makerspace
Check out the Summer Reading collection on Sora
Check out the Magazine collection
The Do's and Donuts of Love
The Only Way To Make Bread
Paletero Man
The Puck Drops Here
Mountain Runaways
Finally Heard
Perfectly Norman
Rosie's Glasses
Bhai For Now
Maribel's Year
The Hockey Skates
Give Me A Sign
Tegan and Sara Junior High
Amazing Inventions Sneakers A Graphic History
Flashlight Night
Canada Wild
PAWS Gabby Gets It Together
Beware The Burmese Pythons
Only This Beautiful Moment

For help, visit our Sora by OverDrive Guide.

 Video of the Week

The Olympics: From Antiquity to Paris 2024 (History Kids)

Grades: K-8  Time: 22:33 minutes
Producer: Wonderscape Entertainment

Learn all about the history of the Olympic Games from 776 BCE in Olympia, Greece to the summer 2024 games in Paris. What is the "Olympic Truce"? Who is the most-decorated Olympian of all time? What are the greatest Olympic victories throughout history? How and why did Black athlete Jesse Owens' wins at the 1936 Olympics upset Adolph Hitler? What was the Munich Massacre of 1972? Who are some of the great athletes to emerge from the Winter Olympics? What are the four new sports added to the 2024 Olympics in Paris? The answers to all of these questions and more are covered in depth with exciting video and dynamic graphics that reinforce important concepts.


Learn360 videos must be shared by a staff person to D2L or Google Classroom,
or from a device logged in to a staff account for students to view.