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Copyright Matters!Copyright Matters! is a publication outlining the conditions and limits of fair dealing for education under the Copyright Act.

All WCDSB staff and students should read the guidelines before using copyright-protected works (photos, videos, music, etc.) to be sure their use is allowed and to make sure you give proper credit to the creator of the material you are using.

For more information, see the WCDSB’s Copyright Policy APO011.

Looking for a copyright-friendly source of images to use in educational activities?

Britannica ImageQuest

Britannica ImageQuest gives WCDSB staff and students access to millions of rights-cleared images.

Criterion-on-Demand videos, available through our Learn360 video database, offers access to popular feature films.

  • Can be used in classrooms, after school, or for fundraising but not for private at-home viewing
  • Users can stream or download titles
  • filmTitles can be requested, if available.

To see what's available,

  1. Log in to Learn360
  2. Choose "Browse Collections" from the Menu.
  3. Select "Criterion-on-Demand Feature Films Collection."

OverDrive for Staff

Teachers' Lounge

Visit our OverDrive Teachers' Lounge for professional ebooks and audiobooks, as well as novel study titles.

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New at Learning Commons CEC

To request resources from the Learning Commons, CEC
please email:

To see our newest eBooks and audiobooks for staff,
please visit the

Teachers' Lounge

on OverDrive

To learn more about OverDrive, visit our OverDrive Topic Guide.

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Finding Professional Resources

Some school Library Learning Commons have a professional collection. To browse your school's collection:

For more assistance, see your school's learning commons staff.

A large collection of professional resources can also be found at the Learning Commons, Catholic Education Centre. Visit the Learning Commons, CEC VLC page for more information.

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